[Q] Web Application Development with Python

William wilk-spamout at flibuste.net
Thu Feb 6 12:05:02 CET 2003

"Young-Jin Lee" <ylee12 at uiuc.edu> writes:

> Hi,
> I am new to python and Zope, and I would like to get some opinions about a
> Web application development with Python.
> I have developed a Java signed Applet/Application with a Servlet, which can
> do some works on the client side, send the results to the server via a
> Servlet connection, and get compiled results on the server via a Servlet
> connection. (Some other methods can be used to connect clients and a server
> as long as they do not have a firewall problem, of course.)
> I want to add the following capabilities to my signed Java
> Applet/Application such as
> (1) Wiki capability
> (2) Search the compiled results on the server side
> I thought about using Zope to implement these capabilities, but I would like
> to know it is a reasonable decision considering the functionalities that I
> need. In addition, can a Zope Web application server (1) execute a Java
> signed applet and/or Java application on the client side, and (2) collect
> results from a Java signed applets and Java applications?
> I found someone recommended Webware, which seems to be a good candidate.

maybe you can look at http://pyro.sourceforge.net, it's like RMI for java.
zope and webware are more for browser client (stop me if i'm wrong)

William Dode - http://flibuste.net

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