Speeding up ftp, async/threadpool?

Ville Vainio vvainio at tp.spt.fi
Fri Feb 14 08:53:29 CET 2003

kjetilja at cs.uit.no (Kjetil Jacobsen) wrote in message news:<84b9dff5.0302130818.50a36ef3 at posting.google.com>...

> if you don't mind using an extension module, then perhaps the pycurl module
> could be of help.  pycurl wraps the curl library and supports many protocols,
> including ftp.  since all the transfer code is in c, pycurl is typically
> faster than ftplib.

I don't think the problem w/ ftplib is the execution of the code,
since it's mostly blocking on the network. It's all the dialog between
client & server which takes a lot of time. All the time waiting for
reply for to various commands could more efficiently be used for
issuing new commands, saving files, etc. Minimal idle/blocking time ->
maximal throughput. I checked curl out superficially and don't think
it addresses that. OTOH, I would prefer a pure python solution by far.

BTW, your name sounds vaguely familiar from ICQ something like 8 years
ago ;-).

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