Hard to find bugs, misleading exceptions

Létezõ letezo at fw.hu
Tue Feb 25 01:45:00 CET 2003

I've installed pychecker ( http://pychecker.sourceforge.net ). It's a very
useful tool that pointed out about 7 previously undetected bugs in 100k
python source code in 1 minutes. It's a great tool, very affordable!

You can integrate pychecker into the Windows version of SciTE by adding the
following lines to your global or user configuration (properties) file:

command.0.*.py=C:\Python22\Scripts\pychecker.bat $(FilePath)

This adds a Tool menu option to check the python source code in the current
window. Modify the path of pychecker.bat accoring to your installation.

Anyway, PyChecker did not find the bug related to a missing comma discussed
below, so I'll suppose a check in PyChecker to point out this sort of


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> "Ferenczi Viktor" <cx at cx.hu> wrote ..
> > Recently I've debugged my source code more than an hour to find a very
> > instructive bug. The simplified problem is demonstrated in the following
> > interactive session:
> >
> [missing comma in list of tuples]
> >
> > Alternatively a "bug hunter" module could be implemented to point out
> common
> > mistakes in the source code, passing the runtime exception to the module
> may
> > help.
> >
> It's called "pychecker", and I'd be very surprised if it didn't point out
> the problem it took you so long to find. These things certainly are very
> annoying.
> > If you had some hard to debug scenarios, please share it and it's
> > with the python community. This can save time and improve productivity
> > the community as a whole. Is there a mailing list somewhere about this
> > problem?
> >
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