is there a whitespace-free python convention?

eichin at eichin at
Mon Feb 10 08:10:32 CET 2003

Hmm, elsewhere in this newsgroup I see spyce ( mentioned -- it
does python embedded in html, and uses constructions like:
[[for row in data: {]]    
    [[for cell in row: {]]

(the [[ ]] mean (mostly) "python statement here"; the { and } are the
invented part that gets translated into "increase indent level" and
"decrease indent level".  

The problem is that I don't see a narrow way to express it - even
saying that ":\s+{$" is the regexp for the leading case could be
confused with nested dictionaries and grouped-multiple lines, ie.

mydict = {"k1": {
  "subk1": 1, "subk2": 2,
  }, "k2": 4}

matches that, but the { can't vanish...

(in spyce, it's sufficient to say "don't do that, then" for the
html-embedded stuff, since you don't transform existing python code
into this, you just reference that directly.  But that doesn't let me
extend it to the cases I care about :)

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