win32file.pyd Device Error on W95

Marie-Claude Savoie marie-claude.savoie at
Wed Feb 19 14:35:13 CET 2003

For many people around the world, people don't have the latest and greatest
hardware.  There is also another set of people who have junk 486 computers
that would like to put them to good use as instrument test machines,
controllers or the like.

If someone told you that you should toss out your car after it was only 7
years old because the gas would no longer work in it, what would you say?
Upgrading is not a reasonable reply.  Unfortunately, as far as a patch goes,
I neither have the Microsoft compiler, nor the C experience.

Gordon Williams

"Tim Roberts" <timr at> wrote in message
news:cae65vov408jo2or7r8ons60d48sj8jm8v at
> I can think of three solutions.  One, do your Win95 users a favor and tell
> them to upgrade.  Win95 really is an unsatisfactory solution.

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