python dialer / python telephony?

Ken Godee ken at
Mon Feb 10 16:52:34 CET 2003


Thanks for your response.

After a whole lot of googling this weekend I didn't
find much in the way of python ct apps or python
compatable drivers for any of the telephony boards.

Dialogic/Intel's site is just confusing as heck.

I did find VoiceTronix boards that have a open source
driver. Seem interesting, no python libs though. They 
have perl libs and some talk about creating a python set.
Although I've never worked with swig, I'll be taking a look
at it as well, Since I've been working with PyQt as well
I'll be looking at "sip" too. I've recently switched from working
with perl to python and really like it, so I'm trying to stay away
from perl.


> [posted & mailed]
> On Sat, 8 Feb 2003, Kenneth Godee wrote:
> > Does anyone know of any python related projects/libs
> > that involve some telephone dialing routines......
> Yes, sort of.
> > (low end)
> > python controls serial port and uses modem to
> > dial number, user picks up analog phone and drops modem
> > (very low end, cheap)
> No, not this part.
> > (high end)
> > telephony type boards that do the dialing from a given
> > number and monitor call status, detect dial tone, busy signal
> > hang ups, can flash hook, etc.
> > (very high end, expensive)
> I have swig'ed Dialogic drivers. I have a box with a D-160SC LS  
> board, running Linux.  It can both dial out and answer incoming 
> calls. Combined with a TTS engine, spread, and the std lib, you 
> have a very powerful IVR platform.
> From my POV, the libraries are large and kludgy.  I'm certain my 
> swigging was substationally sub-optimal. I just kept hacking at 
> it until I exposed the minimum functionality I needed.  I suspect 
> using shadow classes may have helped, but I was unfamiliar with 
> that capability at the time.
> It was a difficult fight, but once that was over, actually 
> creating apps in Python was relatively painless.
> > (very high end, expensive)
> Well, maybe. The drivers are available for download from Intel's 
> Dialogic site. Maybe you can get a board on EBay for cheap?
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