Syntax for simultaneous "for" loops?

John Ladasky ladasky at
Mon Feb 17 12:07:42 CET 2003

Hi there,

A few weeks ago I was agonizing over choosing a new programming
language, after not having programmed for years.

I appear to have chosen Python.  I am really pleased with how quickly
I am getting results.

A few days ago I came across a web page which described a "for"
syntax, which allowed two variables to be stepped at the same time,
through two independent lists.  I said to myself, "that's cool, I
wonder when I might need that?"  Well, I need it now.  But I
bookmarked the relevant web page at work, and we're snowed in here!

Would some kind soul please point me to the relevant information? 

John J. Ladasky Jr., Ph.D.
Department of Biology
Johns Hopkins University
Baltimore MD 21218

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