Help me on rules for i18n hangman game

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Fri Feb 28 16:02:51 CET 2003

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> >and "rr"
> >and "ll"
> >
> >Spanish's kinda strange sometimes.
> So, how can I use this information for the game?  What happens when
> people play hangman in spanish and the hidden word includes these
> "combo" letters?  Please see my reply to Frantisek for a 
> better example of what I need.
> Thank you.

I don't know, I'm not designing the game nor writing it's rules :-)

I know it's a flippy answer, but really, it's your game and
you should write apropriate rules to deal unambiguosly (argh)
with compound-letter cases.

A simple rule might be that compound letters are treated as
the letter pair which makes them; so, "ch", "rr", "ll" would
respectively be "c", "h", "r", "r", "l" and "l", mainly because
(at least in my experience) I've never seen a keyboard with
a "ch" glyph, nor a "rr", nor a "ll".


It's friday, what can I say :-)


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