PEP309 - built-in curry class (revisions)

Peter Harris scav at
Fri Feb 28 10:06:56 CET 2003

Steven Taschuk <staschuk at> wrote in message news:<mailman.1046368139.17838.python-list at>...
> Quoth Peter Harris:
>   [...]
> > An example of something else that might hypothetically belong in
> > "functional" is compose(f,g) ==> (g(f(*args, **kw)).
> I would hope to see
> 	compose(f, g) ==> f(g(*args, **kw))
> instead, in keeping with the precedent in mathematics.

Maybe I got confused. I thought the notation (F o G)(x) in maths
meant the result of applying F to x and then applying G to that.
Am I just thinking of UNIX pipes or something?

Somebody with more clue than me: please confirm one way or the other?


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