global threading.Lock not locking correctly?

Tim Peters at
Wed Feb 5 16:23:16 CET 2003

>>> The dictionary entry for 'example' seems to make sense for
>>> this purpose.  Is there another adjective, short of "but it reproduces
>>> the symptoms" ?

>> Move on.

> Again, it seems there has been a communication problem... If you are going
> to make suggestions or answer my simple logical question, please be
> concise. I cannot tell if your remark is rude for sure, but it seems to
> be, especially when my question was very simple and harmless.
> I just don't understand. If you are going to communicate in this way then
> please explain what is causing you to... perhaps it can be fixed. I
> thought it was some incorrect English, but now I am not so sure.

You originally had a technical question, which was answered swiftly by
several people, and correctly.  This exaggerated angst about how you phrased
the question is thus baffling:  you got your answers on the first try.  IOW,
move on <wink>.  WRT your original msg, the parenthetical comment you're
still asking about wasn't needed -- rather than search for a way to rephrase
it, consider what the msg would have been like had it not been there at all.
You would have gotten the same answers at the same speed, or, IOW, the
comment added no information.  The start of the msg had already explained
the symptom adequately.

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