smallest float number

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Thu Feb 13 06:36:34 CET 2003

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gabor <gabor at> wrote:
>On Thu, 2003-02-13 at 01:53, jepler at wrote:
>> You may want to avoid the question entirely.  Python has a builtin min()
>> function, so if you want to find the biggest item of a group, you simply
>> write
>thanks to all for the valuable comments,
>at the end i chose the abovementioned approach : i avoided it completely
>...min() worked nicely :))

Despite that,

    i, j = -1.0, 0.0
    while i != j:
        i, j = i*2.0, i
        print i

prints -8.98846567431e+307 just before it tops out at
-1.#INF (on my machine.)

            Regards.    Mel.

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