Running a Tkinter GUI in WIN98 without the useless DOS window?

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Sun Feb 2 16:51:41 CET 2003

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>> may be *.pyw files are associated with python.exe (not pythonw.exe)
>> the only reasonable reason I can think of.
> That was it! I changed the association, and now grepper.pyw and qs.pyw
> work perfectly by clicking on their icons or shortcuts. No DOS window.
> However, given John Roth's warning, I'll be looking out for Tkinter
> problems in my future Python scripts.
> Thanks very much!

Just found this at :

"Files ending in ".pyw" can now be imported on Windows. ".pyw" is a 
Windows-only thing, used to indicate that a script needs to be run using 
PYTHONW.EXE instead of PYTHON.EXE in order to prevent a DOS console from 
popping up to display the output. This patch makes it possible to import 
such scripts, in case they're also usable as modules. (Implemented by David 

Jack Crane

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