Get the object in a specific frame of a frameset

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Tue Feb 4 15:37:00 CET 2003

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Kelly <vampireke01 at> wrote:
>I'm developing an application in Python and DTML,HTML (more specific
>with the CMS Zope).
>I made a frameset with a navigation page and the actual information
>  <head>
>    <title><dtml-var title></title>
>  </head>
>  <frameset rows="10%,*">
>    <frame src="hoofding">
>    <frameset cols="20%,*">
>      <frame src="nav" name="nav">
>      <frame src="welkom" name="info">
>    </frameset>
>  </frameset>
>I'm seeing the frame alive and well but now I want to adapt my
>nav-frame to my info-frame. Therefor I have to find out which specific
>page is displayed in the info-frame. I've tried and searched a lot but
>I don't seem to succeed :-/
>Can anyone help me with this? Thx


Is that the answer you're after?  It's certainly the src that
corresponds to 'info'.  I suspect you want something different,
but I sincerely don't know what would qualify for you as "which
specific page is displayed".  Do you identify a page by its con-
tent, URI, ...?  Apparently you've experimented with this, and
are generally content with what's displayed.  Are you asking how
Zope resolves URL requests?  I'm unable to make a connection
between your question and your example's focus on the FRAMESET.

Cameron Laird <Cameron at>

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