opening a file opens it in Notepad

Simon Brunning SBrunning at
Thu Feb 6 11:22:59 CET 2003

> From:	Lance [SMTP:lbrannma at]
> I'm running PythonWin build 148 on Windows XP.
> The following results in the file being opened in Notepad! This confuses
> me
> greatly. I simply want the file handle. My next line is to read the file
> into a string, using
> Any suggestions will be appreciated.
> Also, I have a number of files in srcfiles. I imagine I must issue
> f1.close() each time in the loop, yes?
> for file in srcfiles:
>         f1 = open(file,"r")
>         ... do stuff...
You don't have:

from webbrowser import *

lying around anywhere do you, or something like it? This smells like
namespace pollution to me - i.e., you have accidentally imported another
'open' function over the top of the existing one. The 'from module import *'
form is dangerous, and should be used judiciously. I never use it at all.

Re closing your files - you don't *have* to close your files, but it's a
good idea. The current C implementation of Python will close your files for
you as soon as you drop the reference to them, but this is not guaranteed
behaviour - Jython doesn't immediately close files, and future versions of C
Python conceivably might not.

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