3D graphics programmers using Python?

Brandon Van Every vanevery at 3DProgrammer.com
Fri Feb 7 22:25:15 CET 2003

Laura Creighton wrote:
> Up until last month I would have given unqualified support to the
> statement 'if you can reduce your problem to something you can
> code in c, _do it_.'  Now it is qualified.  I have been playing
> with Boost, and that makes a lot of things easier.

I can't imagine how any OO programmer would advocate dispensing with member
data or inheritance.  I use C only for the very, VERY lowest levels of
pre-ASM coding, because it's easier to set up a plain old C function if
you're going to drop down to pure ASM.  I don't mean inline ASM, I mean your
own standalone ASM functions where you have to set up either a C or C++
function prototype.  C prototypes are easier.

I wonder if a lot of our differences of opinion here, are between:
- guys who use C++ as a high level language
- guys who use C++ as a low level language

I'm clearly the latter.  As are all 3D graphics programmers who care about

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