Python 3000 and Python Regrets

Martijn Faassen m.faassen at
Mon Feb 17 21:19:06 CET 2003

Peter Hansen <peter at> wrote:
> Gerrit Holl wrote:
>> Gruezie,
>> according to [0], Guido regrets some language tidbits.
>> Lexical, functional, statement/function for print and
>> exec, and more. Is it a) impossible, b) improbable,
>> c) likely or d) sure that those things will change?
>> Of course this differs per thing, but is there a list
>> of Guido's thoughts on the future of his regrets, as
>> far as they are not yet being moved out?
>> BTW, does someone know why case-sensitivity isn't in
>> the list?
> MaybE bECause CASE is NoT veRY IMPortanT to ReAdAbiLiTy?

These PEP threads are enough.. Let's *not* have a long discussion
about the pro and cons of case sensitivity. We already did that 
back in 2000..

If I really wanted to stir up comp.lang.python I could pretend to be
Guido and post a PEP about making Python case insensitive. I'd ask
people to debate it, come up with alternate proposals, work out
a voting procedure and count the votes. :)


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