Python-2.2.2.exe installation crashes on Windows XP

Peter Wu peterwu at
Tue Feb 25 03:22:49 CET 2003

>>>>> "Sandeep" == Sandeep Gupta <sandeep182 at> writes:

Sandeep> This is the first time I've ever seen the installer crash on any
Sandeep> Windows or Linux machine.  The error is not very discriptive.  A
Sandeep> box pops up indicating there was an error, and it asks if I want
Sandeep> to send Microsoft a bug report.

Sandeep> Any ideas on what may be the problem?  What about a workaround to
Sandeep> install python?

I installed it here on my XP and it just worked great. Do you run any
anti-virus program? If yes, temp disable it.

Peter Wu

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