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Brandon Van Every vanevery at
Thu Feb 6 10:09:25 CET 2003

Paul Rudin wrote:
> Mongryong <Mongryong at> writes:
>> M$ has won the desktop market - there's no doubt about that.  To try
>> to get into the desktop market now would be a waste of money and time.
> People are trying, precisely because of money. Not so much home users,
> but organisation that have lots of desktop machines. No doubt the
> share of the market is tiny at the moment, but if read the various
> trade rags, you'll see a steady trickle of contracts to install
> networks of linux desktop machines in different places.

Actually, a friend of mine opined tonight that it's really MacOS X that's
kicking ass for easy-to-use desktop Unix.  Linux might be relegated to the
server market not because of Microsoft, but because of Apple.

There's a theme here.  All tools are not all things to all people.  People
tend to gravitate towards whatever gives them the most advantages and the
fewest disadvantages for their case use.  "MS sux" or "C++ sux" is rather

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