XBase wrapper for Python

David Rushby woodsplitter at rocketmail.com
Thu Feb 6 03:47:13 CET 2003

> Skip Montanaro wrote:
> > That just means you have to learn to do a cvs checkout of the project's
> > files.
> >
> > Skip
> You are absolutely right, I can't use CVS nowadays. But this is
> quotation from XBase-py site:
> *This Project Has Not Released Any Files*
> Nicolay

There are no files even in that project's CVS repository, so performing a
checkout should be pretty easy; just issue the command:
    mkdir xbase-py
and you're done.

Having just delivered perhaps the most inane joke every to (dis)grace this
newsgroup, I'd better make a gesture of contrition.  I happened to encounter
a banking application today that relies on dbase, and I subsequently found
these Python-dbase-related URLs:





I didn't investigate any of those seriously, because I was searching out of
curiosity rather than with the intent to actually write a dbase/xbase-based
application in Python.  My not-too-well-researched impression is that when
it comes to Python-dbase modules, there's a lot of hot air and not much
stable code.

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