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On Thu, 27 Feb 2003 23:22:13 +0100, rumours say that Frantisek Fuka
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>I'd just like to draw your attention to special case in Czech language 
>(I don't know if this also applies to other languages): Not only are 
>there various letters with various accents but there is also a letter 
>"ch", which looks and is written exactly same as "c" and "h" next to 
>each other (Czech language also has normal "c" and "h" letters) but it's 
>single letter in out alphabet! For example the Czech word "buchta" has 5 
>letters (B, U, CH, T and A) and the letter "CH" comes after "H" and 
>before "I" in the Czech alphabet. But there can also be Czech words that 
>contain "C" and "H" next to each other, as two letters!

Thank you.  So, what happens when the hidden word has the letters "c"
and "h" next to each other but not the single letter "ch", and the
player guesses the single letter "ch"?

1. It is a mistake.
2. The letters "c" and "h" are revealed when next to each other.

This is the information I need for the game.  In the first case, there's
nothing to do (letter("ch") is considered separate from
letter("c")+letter("h")), while in the second case, I must introduce a
mechanism for equivalent letters or letter combinations.

Help me by explaining what you do when playing hangman in your language.
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