Case sensitivity

Tim Churches tchur at
Fri Feb 21 17:46:24 CET 2003

On Behalf Of David Mertz
> I'm totally with Alex on this.  The way I remember names is
> semi-auditory; maybe because I spoke and heard before I wrote and
> read.... or maybe because my distant ancestors did so (in an
> sense)... or maybe just because I'm the type of person who is like
> I think that Alex' remarks over time indicate that he is the same sort
> of person; we might not be the majority, but our type is certainly not
> rare (i.e. verbal more than visual).

I wonder whether differences in phonetic versus eidetic ability has any
effect on programming language choice? 

However, I always thought that some programming languages were
case-insensitive because they started life on 7-bit teletype terminals
(or maybe due to the 3-out-of-12 hole punching scheme used on Hollerith

Tim C

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