python dialer / python telephony?

Jeff Bauer jbauer at
Mon Feb 10 17:25:41 CET 2003


If you have even a very bare knowledge of C you
shouldn't have any problem.  The first time I used
swig, I wrote a Python interface to my MP3 player
within a couple hours.  It's pretty straight-forward.

Please consider documenting your progress.  Good luck.

Jeff Bauer
Rubicon Research

> I did find VoiceTronix boards that have a open source
> driver. Seem interesting, no python libs though. They 
> have perl libs and some talk about creating a python set.
> Although I've never worked with swig, I'll be taking a look
> at it as well, Since I've been working with PyQt as well
> I'll be looking at "sip" too. I've recently switched from
> working with perl to python and really like it, so I'm trying
> to stay away from perl.

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