Voting process for PEP 308 (was: PEP 308: Alternative conditional operator forms)

Erik Max Francis max at
Wed Feb 12 09:03:33 CET 2003

Tim Peters wrote:

> He wasn't, but, yes, you read it that way.  Rather than rehash the
> msgs
> here, try going back and rereading them, with a presumption of
> goodwill.  He
> misread the inent of your "personal list" message, and you're reacting
> as if
> he hadn't.

Well, he did not repost a rebuttal (at least none that I saw, and I've
been watching carefully; Google doesn't have anything either), so I have
no way of knowing what his intended meaning was.  I know at least one
other person that also culled this interpretation from his response, as
well, so if the lack of clarity is on the reader's side, it is not
simply me being hostile.

I'm not sure how a "presumption of goodwill" changes the meaning of his
statement, "I believe it's an alternative; if you refuse to list it,
you've got a guaranteed -1 from me."  Indeed, the case is explicitly
mentioned in the updated PEP and summarily rejected; my list has no
whiff of authority, and I'm not the one who rejected it, the BDFL did.

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