Case sensitivity

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Sun Feb 23 18:01:29 CET 2003

"Terry Reedy" <tjreedy at> writes:
> "Alex Martelli" <aleax at> wrote in message
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> > I don't want the compiler to "guess what I _mean_"
> How about an editor that guessed that rawinput (with whatever
> capitalization) or Raw_input (or any other variant) might mean
> raw_input and ask, at least once?  Similarly for StringIO?  Given that
> Python 2, at least, will not go case insensitive, perhaps there is a
> technical solution that would help most everybody.

Why limit it to an editor? How about a hook you could install
interactively - like readline - that would catch exceptions and offer
to let you change the names on the fly? Or maybe add it to pdb?

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