Project needs a name (was: Summary: as a multi-languageportal

Peter Hansen peter at
Mon Feb 17 03:43:22 CET 2003

Terry Reedy wrote:
> "M. Müller-Oertel" <mueller-oertel at> wrote in message
> news:mailman.1045378970.29872.python-list at
> > > I also liked CosmoPython as a suggestion.
> >
> > So do I. There seems to be an issue however: A company named Cosmo
> Software
> > claims "Cosmo" as a trademark (
> I am pretty sure that does not give them every word with 'cosmo'.
> There is also a Cosmopolitan magazine.  But I am not a lawyer.

I'm not a lawyer either, but perhaps I know a tad more about
trademarks.  In this case, it *is* possible that confusion 
could arise because the owner of the trademark already operates
in the same business area as Python... "software".  There's
no definite yes or no without much more information, *and* 
a real lawyer.  :-)


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