Python and p2p

Carlos Ribeiro cribeiro at
Wed Feb 5 12:09:27 CET 2003

On Tuesday 04 February 2003 10:49 pm, Geoff Gerrietts wrote:
> Have you tried a search on Google? Dozens of high-quality,
> well-written books on python are available for free, no need to steal.

Geoff is *right*. Look at Google, there are dozens of excelent quality Python 
books available for download. The Python documentation itself is quite good; 
few language distributions, including commercial ones, comes with a better 
tutorial than the one that comes with Python.

So, when someone asks you about good Python books... Three tips are enough:

- Read the Python documentation. It's way better than average, and much more 

- Just do a Google search, and read the results...

- And follow this newgroup. There are more active neurons here than you would 
find connected to the Matrix (I don't include myself in this account :-)

Carlos Ribeiro

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