proto-PEP: "unless" expression

Anthony Baxter anthony at
Sun Feb 9 02:08:43 CET 2003

>>> Erik Max Francis wrote
> Michael Hudson wrote:
> > Don't you and Anthony work in the same place?  Couldn't you have at
> > least *talked* to each other?
> That's exactly the problem.  Maybe they did.

Problem? Ah, you mean that "sense of humour" problem. Well, a number of
people emailed me privately that they appreciated the humour, so perhaps
the "problem" is with the receiver's end.

And as far as "mocking the BDFL" - please. Like the name "BDFL" is
meant in all seriousness? You might not have noticed that the damn
language is _named_ _after_ _a_ _group_ _of_ _comedians_.

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