PEP 308 - ternary operator

Erik Max Francis max at
Thu Feb 13 03:16:10 CET 2003

[Followuping to my own post, sorry.]

Erik Max Francis wrote:

> Michele Simionato wrote:
> > I am not so hot on the built-in function/macro, however I have an
> > idea:
> > why not the syntax "__if__(C,x,y)" ?
> That's better, but still doesn't eliminate the special form, which has
> been explicitly rejected as an option in the PEP.

I retract this statement; the PEP actually explicitly acknowledges this
alternative and insists that it be included in any vote.  (I was
probably mixing the non-short-circuiting form -- which _is_ explicitly
rejected by the PEP -- with this one in my mind.)

Sorry about any confusion I might have caused with that misstatement.

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