Recomendations on Python databases

Bob Ballard rballard_99 at
Wed Feb 26 04:09:15 CET 2003

I'm planning on writing a record keeping and reporting app with a database.
I don't want to have to depend on the user having Access and the DB will
not, at least at this point, be on the web.  I'd like the app to be

So, what database would one suggest?  Open source (free) preferred.
If I do move it to the web or Linux in the future then suggestions as to
what I should take into account now make that as painless as possible would
be appreciated.

I've done this as a C program back in the mid 80's using an ISAM lib and as
an Access VBA program a few years ago.  I now wanna do it in Python and
wxPython.  Any db pointers?

Tks, Bob

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