declaration of variables?

Carl Banks imbosol-1045436396 at
Mon Feb 17 00:28:52 CET 2003

Andr? Jonsson wrote:
> Alex Martelli wrote:
>>>:-)  I mostly meant that Python seems more "aware" than most other
>>>:languages of
>>>usability and readability. Do those not count?
>> Of course; they're the main reasons Python avoids declarations.
> Dare I quote the Python Zen? "Explicit is better than implicit". I
> concurr, declaring a variable explicitly is better than just
> implicitly using, seemingly arbitrary, ones.

Sure, if you're prepared to have a sentence fragment from Python Zen
thrown back at you.

"Although practicality beats purity."

Obviously, the practicality of not having to type a zillion
declarations was judged to be more important than the explicitness of
having them.


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