The 3D picture of Python

Brandon Van Every vanevery at
Sat Feb 8 20:18:03 CET 2003

Brian Quinlan wrote:
>> This means I'm going to find out that one or the other package
>> doesn't do something that I really need it to do.  The hard way.
>> Probably sending me to the other package to figure out which handles
>> my job better.  I hope I'm pleasantly surprised by whatever I start
>> with.
> This statement amazes me.

You must be easily amazed.

> Since there are multiple solutions for a problem, you assume that each
> one is incomplete?

Yep.  Nobody's told me there's a de facto standard for solving the Python /
C++ integration problem, which leads me to believe the solutions aren't
fully mature.

> And, if there were a single solution, that solution would be more

If everyone agreed it was the de facto standard and good, yes.  If they said
it was de facto but not so good, no.

> Are you sure that you are not a logician from the Bizarro Universe?  :-)

Are you sure you're considering what it looks like from the perspective of
someone who hasn't used the tools?

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