PEP-308 a "simplicity-first" alternative

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Fri Feb 21 06:44:07 CET 2003

[I promised myself I wasn't going to respond any further, but my spirit
is weak.]

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Erik Max Francis  <max at> wrote:
>The problem with the parallel is that some people are using the and/or
>trick _as if_ it were a conditional operator; they've elevated it to an
>idiom, but it's a broken idiom.
>We've already seen several examples from the standard library (whether
>corrected later or not) that used the idiom incorrectly; we're well past
>the theoretical question of whether and/or can be misunderstood and

I've seen all too many cases where a simple negated conditional was used
incorrectly.  Surely you don't believe that's cause for claiming that
simple negated conditionals are misunderstood and misused.
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