here is my thank to all the repliers

Meinrad Recheis meinrad.recheis at
Wed Feb 12 23:55:15 CET 2003

ok ladies, thanks for so many polite and humorous replays because
i should have read the FAQ or Googled through the group. - my fault.

I like python much, and i am using it a lot, the same as i like and use 

An experience we allways make in daily life: Don't try to change others 
rather than change yourself. I really can live with self - no question, 
allthough it is obvious that the design concerning "self" is not the 
best for python programmers.

the Authors of Python should know, that it is a great deal that they 
created a language that makes our life easier. In this sense, they also 
might be convinced, that the transparence of the self variable would be 
more in the spirit of python (i must admit, that i dont know what amount 
of work such a change costs) I think, i could be done by "pretending the 
presence of self by the python interpreter".

thats what i think. i hope my bad english did not obfuscate my thoughts.

- Meinrad

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