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>However, please correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't it YOU who
>suggested the up or down vote on the concept before working out a
>preferred alternative?


>Assuming so, I think would be extremely pejorative to the outcome.  And
>to me that's another sign that somebody else should be in charge of the

Maybe.  I believe that if a vote in favor of conditional expressions
emerges, but people can't agree on which form is best, then Guido can be
persuaded to to give the proposal more time.  Whereas if one form is
picked but the opponents hate it, it's pretty clear to me that the
proponents will lose.  There are many people who are not unutterably
opposed to conditional expressions, but who have a great loathing for
certain forms.

The other reason is that having a generic vote first is easier.

>Perhaps it's time to form a sub-committee to hammer out a single
>proposal and bring that back to the group, after spending however long
>it takes.

Could be.  <shrug>
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