Case sensitivity

Greg Ewing (using me at
Thu Feb 20 01:47:27 CET 2003

Christian Tanzer wrote:

> FWIW, I used case-insensitive languages for a decade before starting
> to use case-sensitive languages and I still strongly prefer a language
> to be case-sensitive.

My experience is similar. The first serious HLL that I
used extensively was Pascal, and I can't remember feeling
inconvenienced by its case-insensitivity. But after later
experiences with case-sensitive languages, I came to
appreciate the extra dimension of expressiveness.

Although it's not a major problem, coding in a case-
insensitive language feels a bit constraining now,
because certain conventions I've developed (such as
starting class names with a capital letter, to
distinguish them from local variable names with
which they might otherwise clash) no longer work.

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