nntplib question

L. B. lorenzo at mysurname.net
Sun Feb 23 22:39:41 CET 2003

"Alex Martelli" <aleax at aleax.it> ha scritto nel messaggio
news:rY96a.301016$AA2.11433845 at news2.tin.it...
> msg_body = cnn.body(nart)
> should do it, assuming "nart" is the post id (including < and >
> characters around it) or the post number within the group (a
> number-within-the-group represented as a decimal string).

Think that the best way to get the body info is to save everything in
a file and parse it using rfc822 module but i'm still confused about
the way to do it... the only example i've found on Holden's book is
about retrieving the subject of the post which is as easy as to
retrieve the message-id since all these info's are stored in a tuple.

> Best usage examples I've seen for nntplib are in Steve Holden's
> "Python Web Programming".

Great book!

Thank You,

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