trouble with select and tochild of Popen3 object

Richard Cook rcook at
Mon Feb 24 18:36:10 CET 2003

>  Richard Cook (rcook at wrote:
>>  Hi, the below code is supposed to open an ssh connection to a remote
>>  machine.  It has been set up so that username and password is not
>>  necessary for this connection, but often the ssh asks a yes/no
>>  question to which I always wish to answer yes.  The code below is
>>  supposed to wait until the tochild is writable and write 'yes' to it.
>>  what actually happens is written below.  Can anyone help me figure
>>  this one out?  Thanks.
>Why aren't you using expect? IIRC, there is a python-reimplementation of
>it called pyexpect, but the original expect would work.

Thanks for the hint.  I found pexpect and will probably use it for my 
project if it works.
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