PEP309 - built-in curry class (revisions)

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Fri Feb 28 15:51:45 CET 2003

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> Peter Harris wrote:
> > Maybe I got confused. I thought the notation (F o G)(x) in maths
> > meant the result of applying F to x and then applying G to that.
> > Am I just thinking of UNIX pipes or something?
> >
> > Somebody with more clue than me: please confirm one way or the other?
> What's confusing you is the order varies.  Sometimes (f circle g) means
> f(g(x)), sometimes it means g(f(x)) [where circle is the function
> composition operator].  Which one it means is dependent on the
> conventions used by the writer, so you need to check first.

mathematicians, huh, ... "when i use a word, said humpty ..."

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