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Mon Feb 24 14:35:56 CET 2003

"Peter Hansen" <peter at> wrote ...
> Steve Holden wrote:
> >
> > Frankly I'm so tired of seeing ignoramuses using apostrophes to indacte
> > plural rather than the possessive, and "its" used where "it's" is
> > appropriate (and vice versa) that I begin to feel that some discipline
> > not a bad thing ... as long as it actually HURTS!
> I think you got up on the wrong side of bed, Steve.  I've been guilty of
> these errors myself in the last couple of weeks... little glitches that
> slipped through my usually careful proofreading.  Although I certainly
> agree that any *ignoramuses* who do this ought to be tarred, feathered,
> shot, and stuffed, sometimes it does happen as a result of lack of sleep,
> inattention, or a kind of momentary confusion where one's brain
> manages to see something that is certainly wrong but appears right
> at the time no matter how many times one looks at it.
Or sheer dumb inability to type, coupled with a rather sloppy approach to
proofreading personal communications. Mea culpa. The "its" vs. "it's" is
more likely to appear in shop product signage than

[Irrelevant sideline: my favourite shop signage remains the slogan painted
outside a butcher's shop in Manchester: "Look well, live well, eat my meat"]

> In those latter cases, I appeal for tolerance and a punishment somewhat
> less severe than I meted out above.  Otherwise we'll have to round
> up all those who spell "indicate" as "indacte", "certainty" as
> or who substitute "it" for "is" at unfortunate moments and shoot them
> as well. ;-)
As ever, your rationality and good humour put me to shame. Perhaps I *did*
get out of bed the wrong side. That certainlty indactes a need for greater
tolerance on my part.

> -or-at-least-make-them-code-in-perl-ly y'rs -Peter

No, just shoot me, please. Anything but that!

still-looking-for-the-"it"-substitution-ly y'rs  - steve
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