Case sensitivity

Erik Max Francis max at
Sat Feb 22 02:33:36 CET 2003

"OKB (not okblacke)" wrote:

>         I would suggest the opposite -- if case IS sensitive in the
> language, why allow people to use two different cases?  All it does is
> let them create similar-looking names that will confuse everybody. 
> And
> this danger is far more real, because here the distinction actually
> has
> effects in the language.  It doesn't make sense to suggest that case
> sensitivity is good simply because a particular convention is commonly
> used -- this has nothing to do with the language design, which is weak
> if it relies on users to capitalize things a certain way but provides
> no
> structure for this itself.

But taking this argument to its logical conclusion leaves you requiring
that all identifiers be in a single case (i.e., mixed-case identifiers
are illegal), not that case insensitivity should be allowed.

If there's a distinction worth making, then it should be made.  If it's
not, then you should live in an enforced single-case environment.

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