Is there a list of Python source files with descriptions anywhere?

Carl Bevil carl_bevil at
Wed Feb 26 02:48:04 CET 2003

Hello all,

I need to pare down the Python interpreter a bit.  I've done some searching on 
this ng and with google, and found some interesting bits of advice and 
solutions (unfortunately, none of the solutions solve my problem :-)

I'm embedding the interpreter in our application.  I'm working on Windows and 
have a CodeWarrior project which builds a slightly modified version of Python 
2.2.1 for a proprietary platform.  The platform has limited memory resources, 
and I'm hoping to make Python's memory footprint smaller.  Currently the 
release build of the interpreter is about 1.5MB in size.  I hope to cut that 
in half.

So I started to look for a list of all of the interpreter source files (both 
c and .py) with descriptions so that I can get a handle on what each does.  
Some are integral to the core language, and others are special-purpose.  It's 
mainly the latter I want to target.  I know there is much functionality 
provided by Python that I don't need in my application.  But some of the 
"special-purpose" code I will want.

I can go through the C code file-by-file, and look through the docs to find 
out the details of the .py files, but I was hoping there was a listing 
somewhere which had breif descriptions of each of these, possibly listing 
dependencies.  This would give me a huge leg up.

Anyone know of such a list?  My searching has come up empty handed.



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