Perl Vs Python

Peter Hansen peter at
Wed Feb 26 20:23:44 CET 2003

(Cross-posting corrected.)

John Smith wrote:
> After lots of C, I still prefer Pascal (excepted for low level code), that I
> find cleaner, and more object oriented (file of records!) but this is
> another story...

Then you will likely prefer Python to Perl.  Given the incredible ease of 
actually trying it out (download, run, type stuff at the interpreter
prompt, following the tutorial if you like), there is NO reason you
shouldn't just try it instead of waiting to read all the other responses
to this thread.

By the way, you really should use a different email address instead of
burdening Microsoft with your need for privacy (via "someone at").  
The addition of ".invalid" to your address is the preferred approach, as 
this top-level domain has been reserved for this sort of thing.

> John Smith (not my real name).

Why hide?

-Peter Hansen (my real name)

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