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Sam Marrocco samSPAMMENOT at
Mon Feb 10 05:45:24 CET 2003

Jeff Epler wrote:
> The caveats that you'll see in the 'winfo height' and 'winfo width' section
> of winfo(n) also apply to 'wm geometry':
>        winfo width window
>               Returns a decimal string giving window's  width  in
>               pixels.   When  a window is first created its width
>               will be 1 pixel;   the  width  will  eventually  be
>               changed  by  a geometry manager to fulfill the win­
>               dow's needs.  If you need the  true  width  immedi­
>               ately  after  creating  a  widget, invoke update to
>               force the geometry manager to arrange  it,  or  use
>               winfo  reqwidth to get the window's requested width
>               instead of its actual width.
> Jeff

Hmmm....Okay, I think I can make that work by using the update() call first.

But--when I manually (resize) the toplevel window with a mouse, none of 
those methods (winfo_geometry, winfo_width/height) work correctly. They 
still return the originally set size of the window--even after the user 
has resized it. Placing update() calls after the resizing and before 
reading the attributes still doesn't return the correct size values.

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