Doc bug?

Peter Hansen peter at
Tue Feb 18 19:49:45 CET 2003

Steve Holden wrote:
> The htmllib 2.2 docs say """See Also:
> Module HTMLParser:
> Alternate HTML parser that offers a slightly lower-level view of the input,
> but is designed to work with XHTML, and does not implement some of the SGML
> syntax not used in ``HTML as deployed'' and which isn't legal for XHTML.
> """

Ouch.  I'd offer a rewrite if I understood what that meant, but I don't,
so I can't. 

"does not implement some of the syntax not used in X and which isn't Y"
      ^^^                              ^^^                     ^^^^^

Double negatives are generally hard to read.  In this case, I'm not
sure if that's a double, triple, or what.


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