OO patterns with Python

Mike Meyer mwm at mired.org
Tue Feb 11 18:43:40 CET 2003

"Patrick Useldinger" <no at way.lu> writes:

> My understanding is that OO is not that trivial, and that patterns have been
> created as template solutions for common or difficult problems.

I want to respond to the first part of this - "that OO is not that trivial,".

That's true. But OO is still easier than procedural
programming. At least, it is for the programmers who are doing OO. If
it weren't, they wouldn't be doing OO.

Don't let the fact that they name OO idioms and refer to them
collectively as "patterns" scare you away. This naming is a good thing
- it means that people can refer to the idioms by name and be
understood. It also lets you find books that are collections of
idioms, which is also a good thing.

I'll add my voice to those advising you to do some programming before
you start looking into the patterns books. I think they'll make a lot
more sense if you have a grasp of OO before looking at them.

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