Python's 8-bit cleanness deprecated?

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Tue Feb 4 13:36:04 CET 2003

In article <Z9M%9.174650$AA2.6989950 at>,
 Alex Martelli <aleax at> wrote:

> > I think raw 8bit must be set by default without any warnings.
> I disagree, but not hotly -- I'll be quite content with
> whatever warning strategy ends up being adopted; say
> I'm a +0 on the choice made for 2.3alpha.  But be warned
> that you'll have to argue against hotly +1 people --
> check the python-dev archives to hone your arguments.
> (Arguing here is not much use of course, since Guido
> doesn't read currently).

Here's a possible compromise (which I'm not sure is implementable at 
all): Python could only issue warnings if 8-bit chars are used in string 
literals, and not if they only occur in comments.


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