Berkeley DB and Python version.

Skip Montanaro skip at
Thu Feb 6 20:48:10 CET 2003

    Corrado> And I recompiled python2.1 using libdb2 and changing the name
    Corrado> of the bsddb module into bsddb2 (I wandering if my_bsddb or
    Corrado> bsddb_local would be a better choice); then I copied my newly
    Corrado> built bsddb2 module to the machine running apache.  Now I can
    Corrado> import either bsddb or bsddb2, being sure that other Python
    Corrado> programs using bsddb will still work properly.  Is there
    Corrado> anything wrong with this approach?

Sounds like a fine idea to me.  Have you verified that you can import both
bsddb and bsddb2 in the same interpreter and that one won't interfere with
the other?


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