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> rzed wrote:
> > The case-insensitive group would say that if it *is*
> > beneficial, it can *still* exist in a case-insensitive environment.
> > True enough, but it's not enforced, and there is nothing to prevent
> > anyone, for whatever reason, from defying the convention. To the
> > computer, it doesn't matter; to the code's reader, it does.
> There's a parallel here with the issue of delimiters
> vs. indentation. One of the arguments against using
> delimiters for program structure is that you end up
> with different cues being used by humans and computers
> to understand the same piece of code. Perhaps something
> similar applies to case-[in]sensitivity?

Well, just to try and end this thread (I wish) on a really awful joke, and
tie it back into a really OT discussion taking place in another thread: can
we say that those defending case sensitivity are capitalists?

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