For review: PEP 308 - If-then-else expression

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>>Andrew Koenig:
>>> One reason is that Perl has several categories of variables, and you
>>> have to state the category each time you utter the name of a variable.
>>> This categorization makes it much more difficult to create useful
>>> data structures than it would be otherwise.
>Aahz> False.  You can use references to mask that issue.  TMTOWTDI.
>I understand that circumlocutions are available.  But they're
>circumlocutions.  The fact remains that the type system lacks
>orthogonality.  You need an extra level of indirection to give it
>the appearance of orthogonality.

>From my POV, usable orthogonality is related to simplicity.  Adding a
ternary operator reduces Python's simplicity, and therefore a certain
amount of orthogonality.  Listcomps fit "practicality beats purity", but
I just don't see that *in* *the* *aggregate* for ternaries.
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