Some thoughts about Python, and non-English languages

M. Müller-Oertel mueller-oertel at
Mon Feb 10 16:29:33 CET 2003

> I've added a page to the wiki
> ( and
> started the german page. This doesn't help much with your initial
> complaint (that non english speaking programmers have a hard time
> finding the appropriate links). But having the links in the wiki has
> some advantages:
> - it's easier to add/delete/change links
> - you can subscribe to a page and get notified when it changes
> - you could change the structure
> I've also sent a mail to the group responsible for the current page
> 'Non-English Python Resources' to ask if they allow me to move the
> current links to the wiki.

I looked at your wiki page and liked it. I also managed to click all the way
down to it starting from the main page. (Do it by yourself and
count the clicks necessary!) Have to say it seems rather unlikely to me,
that your page will be found by anyone let alone a seeking newbie. Who
clicks on a link named "Python Wiki" if he has never heard the word "Wiki"
before? And even if one knows the meaning: Who would guess it contains
language resources? At least the site seems to be all English when you look
at it.

Important links have to be visible like traffic signs. And I believe links
for newbies are that important.

I still think the web site needs some reorganization to serve
non-English visitors better.


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